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Harley Davidson and Vanity Fair

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While I don’t ride a Harley, I really enjoyed these pictures, and the fact that they were produced in attempts to get more women to ride.  The pictures are from Harley Davidson’s ad campaign for women riders month in Vanity Fair May 2009.  “The custom section salutes women who embody the Harley-Davidson spirit of authenticity and adventure, and encourages females who have not yet hit the road on two wheels to “experience life with no regrets.”” http://blog.lelaluxe.com/  For me riding is all about living without regrets and chasing a dream.


One comment on “Harley Davidson and Vanity Fair

  1. Richard Anderson
    February 7, 2012

    Hey Sarah,
    I’ve been a Harley rider since ’98 and owned a bunch of Japanese bikes before that – and loved them all! I like your brief article because I saw a lot of changes over the years with Harley, and one was indeed that Harley encouraged women to get in the saddle.

    This was also evident within the Harley riders club. Harley I believe are still the only organisation who really value their owners. Before I owned a Harley I rode Honda’s and attended one of their rallies in the New Forest which was good fun (this was before I attended a HOG rally!)

    As a marketer at the time I was surprised that Honda made absolutely no atttempt to interact with their owners. In fact their only interaction was the donation of a rally jacket! I even wrote them a letter but they replied saying that they just didn’t have anything to do with the club.


    Good job!

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