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Excuses Racers Make for Being Slow

Ok so here are some of the excuses I hear from people. Usually from the same people every race weekend and frankly it gets a little old.

 1. Their bike is faster than mine.

If you are at the back of the pack at a club race the bike isn’t your problem. Maybe if you were battling for the top five, but not at the back.

2. My bike had a mechanical of some sort

I know people that are constantly having some sort of mechanical for their bike whether the jetting is wrong or the clutch went out. Really you couldn’t have figured                                                          these things out before a race day and then there is the fact that it is every race day.

3. I am out of shape

 Start working out

4.  My starts suck


5. It was too hot/it was too cold

everyone else dealt with it, why not you

6. My tires were worn out

should have figured that out in practice

7. I had an off day

then everyday must  be an off day for you

8. The other racers are lighter than me

   Refer back to number 3

9. An old injury is acting up

 I know people who constantly battle with pain, but never use it as an excuse. To them it is what it is and they learn to deal with it.

10. I’m old

 That’s life

My point is to take responsibility for your improvement and performance as a racer (or for anything in life for that matter).  The more you take responsibility, the better you will be able to pin point the areas you need to work on.  Yes some people naturally may have more talent, but we all have the ability to improve and learn, it’s just your choice to do so.


2 comments on “Excuses Racers Make for Being Slow

  1. John
    January 25, 2012

    Nice can of worms you have opened there Missy!

    You forgot, my dog ate my homework.

    • Sarah Preston
      January 25, 2012

      I wrote this not actually intending it to be something to post, but Tim suggested that I did. Everyone starts somewhere and I started at the back of the pack, (still there in some races), but never tried to make excuses, just tried to work hard on getting better. Also I as I got faster than other racers and people at track days these are some of the things I have heard as to why I was able to be faster than them (not because I worked hard at improving).

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