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Decals for Dummies

Black Heart MX Decal Kit

So it is the first time putting decals on your dirt bike and you have never done it before, well I was there not so long ago.  I decided to write this since I know what a pain it was to put my first set of vinyl’s. It seems as though you are never going to get the damn things to fit onto plastics without ripping your hair out, when in actuality it really isn’t all the hard. (believe me its not)

What you need to get them on cleanly

  1. Patience is probably the most important

  2. Hair dryer

    Hair Dryer

  3. Windex or any other glass cleaner

    Glass Cleaner

  4. Some sort of tool to smooth out the air bubbles (some kits come with them) like a credit card or plastic putty knife

    decal application tool

    Decal Application Tool

Steps to getting them on

  1. clean your plastics thoroughly, you don’t want grime below them that is only going to cause the to bubble later on
  2. once clean spray the plastic you are working on at the moment
  3. Remove decal from the paper and line it up on the plastic (This is where the Windex comes in because it allows you to move the decal around easily so that you can get it into the correct place)
  4. Use the hairdryer to heat up the vinyl’s moving slowly so that the vinyl become pliable. Use the smoothing tool to smooth out bubbles and to work the vinyl into place.  Start at the center and move outwards so that you can work the bubbles out the edges. If you work slowly the vinyl will conform to curves of the plastic. I can not emphasize enough how slow you have to go while doing this.  The more patience you have the better they will look.

Below is a picture of the new graphics that I put onto my KTM 200. They are made by Black Heart MX who offer an assortment of premade semi custom graphics for your bike.  They conformed easily and fit over my plastics perfectly

Almost Done

In Progress


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