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Pro Camp at the Mystery School

pro camp

Gotta Love that Steel Shoe

A couple of weeks ago I attended Rich Oliver’s pro camp for the first time. Pro Camps are four-day schools, geared towards racers that test your physical fitness as well as your riding skills. While I won’t go everything I did over the four days, I will talk about two of the most important things that I took away from the camp. These two things were being physically prepared to race and being an adaptable rider.

Physical Fitness:

Rich really emphasizes the importance of physical fitness so that you can be the best racer possible, and to have that edge over your competition. The nice thing about the workouts Rich introduces to you is that you can do them anywhere. You don’t need a gym or fancy equipment, so they are great for when you are on the road. Your fitness is further tested during the riding that you do everyday. Throughout the four days you do a series of different drills that test your endurance as a rider. During each drill you are expected to give your all no matter how tired and worn out you have gotten.


During the course you ride three different bikes, a TTR 125 flat track bike, a TTR 125 moto bike, and a yz80 two stroke. I must admit I struggled with the two stroke a bit even though my offroad bike is a two stroke. This small little bike was much more twitchy than my large two stroke. The point of riding several different bikes during the camp is to see how well you adapt as a rider. At first switching from different types of bikes is confusing for you body, but soon your body learns the muscle memory to go from bike to the next. Each style of riding teaches you how to do deal with all different situations that you might have deal with while you riding, like the front end of your race pushing or you back end spinning up.

All of the riding that you do during the course helps you to understand what weak and strong points you have as a rider. Knowing who you are as a racer allows you to tailor a training program to what you need to improve. Improving weak areas in your riding will only make your strong points better. So if you want to challenge yourself physically and mentally as a rider take a pro camp! You will learn more about yourself as rider and have an amazing time while doing it.

Below are some of the pictures from the course!


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