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Ride Like a Girl

First of all I would like to say that I do not believe that women improve slower than men do.  My basic opinion is that everybody improves differently and at different rates, so it is your job to learn the best plan of action for you to improve.   I went from being 20 seconds off the leaders in the race to being 4 seconds off the leaders finishing in the top ten in seven months.  Hopefully next year I will be consistently in the top five and even closer to front runners times.  What helped me to improve were the great people that I have surrounded myself with and the fact that I spend allot of time on a motorcycle.  This doesn’t mean I just ride at a lot of time just at track days, but also my dirt bike, supermoto bikes, and I also do flat track training.

Some steps to improvement!

First you need to define what your goals are in order to improve.  Make small goals for yourself that are attainable every time you go out onto the track.  Too lofty of a goal will only cause frustration and disappointment. Every time I go out onto the track I make a goal for myself that day, like setting a lap time you want to achieve that day.

Understand where the weak points in your riding are which you can do with the help of one of the track coaches.

Utilize the track coaches that are out there. They will give you great advice on how to get to the goals you want to achieve.

Allow yourself to make mistakes. I’m not saying go out there and push yourself so far that you are going to crash, but it is ok to go a little wide sometimes or slow down too much.

Sometimes slowing down will make you go faster. When you slow down slightly you can think more about what you are doing and focus on the basics. Once you get the basics down things will start to fall into place. You will create muscle memory and be able to do things at a faster pace.  Soon you will find lap times getting faster.

The better your basics are the better you can handle bad situations.

If you can, try to get someone to follow you with a camera so that you can see how you are riding.

Remember not only are track pictures cool to have, but they are an amazing learning tool.  Analyze them to see where improvements are needed.

The most important thing of all is to have fun!


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