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Just a Word of Thanks

My Partner in Crime

My Partner in Crime

Racing is a very involved sport where any helping hand is greatly appreciated.  I just wanted to spend the time to thank Tim for being there through my journey. When I first expressed my interest in racing I don’t how serious he thought I was.  He not only serves as my pit crew, but also as my emotional support team along my journey of racing.  In the beginning he accompanied me to track days and various schools as I tried to find my way into the racing world. Never once has he had negative words for me, but only encouragement as I have gone through my trials and tribulations.  At supermoto races he acts as my pit crew, and helps me to get my bikes ready at home to race. In road racing he served as emotional support since Feel Like a Pro has been my pit crew.  Along the journey Tim decided to pick up a better camera to take pictures of me and everyone else we know at the track. Every race weekend since he picked this camera up he has taken thousands of pictures, sorted them, cropped, and published them on the Internet.  I am glad he has found a passion in photography and I am truly grateful for all work he puts into it. Not only does he take pictures, but also he puts go pros on my bike and then edits the video for me.  I am truly blessed to have someone like Tim in my life. There are truly no words to express the appreciation I have for what he does done to help with me racing career and my life. I love you and thank you for being in my life.


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