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My Amazing Starter Suit

Alpine Stars Stella Suit

My Pretty White Suit

My first track suit was a Alpine Stars Stella tracksuit which I still have. I purchased this suit two years ago when I went to my first track day on my Ducati monster. As I slipped into the pretty white leather suit I was pleasantly surprised how well it fit me. It was actually tailored for the shape of a woman. I am 5’3” ish and it is often hard for me to find gear that fits.  The legs on this suit fit well and the top half was tailored to my feminine frame. The only thing that other women may have problems with is if you have larger boobs. The chest fits really tight especially with a back protector on and I have small B-cup boobs.  Another thing that surprised me about the fit was the fact the tailoring fit so well. Some gear seems like the manufacturer just decided to take some pink leather or stitching accents with slight tailoring and called it a women’s suit.

You may look at the price of $800 for a suit is expensive if you are just starting out, but in reality this is a middle of the range price for a leather suit.  This is your skin we are talking about. The quality of construction for a starter is suit is solid, at least in my opinion. I have had three higher speed low sides on the right side and many supermoto crashes consisting of me sliding across the pavement.  The only time the zippers broke on the suit is when I had a nasty little high side on my supermoto.

Full suit vs. Zip together:

You maybe thinking that a zip together suit you wear on the street will be just fine on the track, but there is a downfall to having a zip together suit that may want to consider. The main one being that if you crash the zipper has a tendency to break apart thus causing the two pieces separate leaving part of middle exposed. Do you really want road rash around the middle of your body? So if you are looking for that introductory suit to get on the track this might be the one you want to choose.


2 comments on “My Amazing Starter Suit

  1. Mildred Castner
    October 9, 2011

    Just wanted to comment and say nice blog, great to read from people with a clue.

  2. Sarah Preston
    October 14, 2011

    Thank You!

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