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Mini Bike Fun: A Life Changing Experience

Bikes all lined up

TTR 125s all ready to go

Part of the Feel Like a Pro family, along with a few others, headed up to the Mystery school for weekend flat track training.  All week I was excited about heading up to Auberry to spend the weekend with a group of people I love, riding around on TTR 125’s.  While the experience level on these little bikes varied greatly amongst the group, the atmosphere was incredibly encouraging.  We tried to remind those less familiar with riding dirt bikes not to get discouraged because it is a totally different skill than riding a street bike, but what you take away from riding a dirt bike is amazing.

Two years ago I stepped into the world of dirt bikes at the Mystery School. I was beginning street rider with absolutely no experience on dirt.  In fact I had never in my life thought I would ride a dirt bike. So how did I even reach the conclusion that it would be a good idea? Well it all started with me going on a women’s ride that was organized by the dealer I purchased my motorcycle from. During the day I was encouraged by Valerie Evans and one of the other women to take up dirt biking.  Valerie suggested the mystery school and it all went from there.

When I went to the school for the first time I was prepared for the reality that I would be crashing allot and I did. I think five times in one hour.  Let me tell you these little bikes really teach you meaning of bike control.  I stopped counting the number of times I spun myself around by getting on the throttle too hard.  I pinned it to win it, but ended up on the ground or facing the other directions.  With all the falling and crashing I still loved the experience and the confidence that these bikes gave me.  I have also met some amazing people along the way.

Today I have three dirt bikes sitting in my garage, ok two have slicks on them and are supermoto bikes, but they are still dirt bikes. I would love to add a dedicated dirt tracker to bikes in the garage, but don’t know if that is going to happen immediately.  I really want to start racing flat track.

At times I wonder about what would have happened if my parents had given me a dirt bike instead of horse to ride.

Getting Ready for Some Fun

Cone Drill




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