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Finding the Mystery

Private Training Day

During my journey of riding and racing I have been able to meet a lot of people that have left lasting impressions on me (some good and some bad, but generally good). Some of these people have guided me along my journey to become a better rider and racer. Two people that have left a lasting impression on me and who continue to be a great support is, Rich and Karen Oliver.  They are one of the first people that encouraged me to race, and continue to guide me to becoming a better racer.

What do you learn at the Mystery School?

As a beginner coming the school, first you learn the fundamentals of riding a dirt bike. You go through a series of drills that build on each other so that you become increasingly more comfortable with how a dirt bike moves underneath you. Depending on which class you are taking the drills are focused on various areas of riding a dirt bike. For example you learn basic skills of riding off road in the off road challenge class and in the fun camps you learn the basic skills of flat tracking. If you do a private lesson with Rich he tailors the class specifically for what your needs are as a rider.

What makes the school so special?

            The school has an amazing atmosphere for any level of rider.  Rich and Karin make you feel as though you are part of their family for the weekend and they treat every rider the same no matter what level you are at.  Karin mainly takes cares the logistical end of the camp, including providing the riders with amazing healthy food. She also gets on a bike and enjoys the fun as a well.  Rich has the ability to relate his knowledge to others in a step by step way that is relatable to the average rider. Which is often hard to find because often naturally talented people often have a hard time relating how they actually do something, because they merely just do it. There is also the fact that Rich is a very down to earth person.  You run into a lot people in the motorcycle world with incredible egos and Rich is not one of those. He doesn’t stand in front of you telling you all the wonderful things he has accomplished and how amazing he is, he just acts like he is another person and is very humble which I think is an amazing attribute.  It also gives students a sense of ease to be around him and the ability to ask questions without fear.


What have I come away with?

I have walked to away from the mystery school a better rider and racer.   The first time I went to the school I felt uneasy of the bike squirming and around in the dirt, but now I able to gracefully slide around the turns on the ttr125 and feel right at home using a steel shoe.  Being able to learn the skill of riding a flat tracker has allowed be to become a better dirt bike, supermoto, and road racer by the giving the skills and confidence to handle a wider variety of situations.  My experiences at the mystery school have been truly priceless.


Thank you Rich and Karin for your friendship, guidance, and support!


One comment on “Finding the Mystery

  1. John F. Merola
    July 15, 2011

    Ditto that Sarah. I must add that it is also such a gut wrenching, full of laughter, silly and fun time. I think my cheeks (on my fsce) hurt more than my legs after a fun camp weekend because I’m smiling the whole darn weekend!
    Karin, Rich and the all to fast growing kids are wonderful hosts!

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