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Starting to Feel Like A Pro

Started writing this a different way but decided this would work better and share more of an insight into me as a person than just recounting a day.  I find that I am my own worst enemy. I over analyze things and let others get into my head. Sometimes I can use negative energy to good use and channel it somewhere, but other times I can’t.  I wanted to go out to the track with a clear head instead of letting the negative voices that I allow to live in my head to take over.  Letting my mind go blank and allowing myself just to ride is what works best for me. I’m not saying that I don’t have specific objectives when I go out onto the track, because I do. It’s more like I try to live in the moment I was in and doing the best job I can.  I ride because I am truly passionate about it. It is something that I dedicate allot of time and hard work to. Riding and racing has become part of who I am as a person. If someone wants to bring me down for that, it is only a reflection of their inability to step out of their own box and chase their dreams.

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Sunday May 29 I felt like things were starting to come into place as I rode. My goal was to work on body position.  I was able to get my down knee instead of dragging my toe on the ground.  Just allowing myself to ride and just focus on what I was doing in the moment was amazing.  By the end of the day there were about only two or three people that could pass me in the turns and one of these was a professional 250 rider.  I found myself catching up to people who blew by me in the straightaway in turn 2.  The whole world seemed to slow down. Even though I was going faster than I have ever gone before, it was as if I had gone into slow motion. Now if I can just ride with a clear head each time I go out that would be great.


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